Deciding to start an at home fitness program is a big step toward taking control of your health. However, If you’re like many of my personal training clients, it’s something you’ve thought about for a long time, but weren’t really sure how to get started.

I'm glad you found FLEXBOULDER. I work with clients throughout the Boulder area area right in their homes. Flex Boulder will design an exercise program for you based on your individual goals and your current fitness level to help you get the results you want fast! Supporting Clients of All Ages to help Live Their Best Lives

Lose Weight

By combining weight training and high intensity interval training, you’ll maximize calories burned both during, and after your workouts.

Get Stronger

My holistic approach to training design integrates sound scientific principles to  maximize your strength while also building the physique you desire. 

Move Better

Certified in corrective exercise training, my functional approach has been used in post-rehabilitaion settings as well as training athletes for injury prevention. Improve posture,mobility and restore balance to your body.



Avoid the gym and have a safe and fun workout at home. All equipment is carefully sanitized between clients. Mask, gloves. and 6 feet distance are maintained to encourage a safe workout environment. Outdoor training is implemented whenever possible.

Programs are designed specifically around your fitness goals. In a workout, I may use but am not limited to:

  • Medicine balls

  • Swiss balls

  • Resistance bands

  • Dumbbells

  • Bosu

  • Jump ropes

  • Kettlebells and more….


FlexBoulder always offers a complimentary session. In the session I will go over various assessments such as a movement and postural screening, health-history interviews, and I will determine your lifestyle factors. Most importantly, I will look at your current fitness level to ensure the proper program is created just for you so you can meet your needs and goals. This session is also an excellent opportunity to meet me, and see if I am a good fit.

A safe, beneficial, and powerful training program will then be integrated into your lifestyle with my help. 

Start today!

Follow these 3 easy steps


Contact us

Fill out the get started,  call or text 720-917-5480 or submit the contact form. I will discuss the goals you want to achieve, your fitness history, location, etc. It's that easy.



 Meet with me to get to know you, take your measurements, and see the space where you will be working out. This ensures that everything is tailored specifically for you.



Based on all the collected information, I will create a customized workout plan and and begin your in-home training. Once this is done, your life changing journey begins!



Don't waste any more time. Get real results. Get started with in-home or online personal training and get in the best shape of your life. 

FLEX BOULDER Boulder, CO   (720) 917-5480. sarah@flexboulder.com